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Isabelle, the founder of PARIS A DREAM, is a native Parisienne. Called by her nickname "Isa, she is a highly energetic and committed professional who loves nothing more than sharing her passion for her hometown, gastronomy, wine tasting, and culture. Her life’s calling? To make people happy.
French expatriate
Isa returned to Paris after a life of extensive travels around the World. When she was 25, she discovered the unrivaled customer-oriented Japanese mindset and always wanted to bring this back to France. Mother of 3, each one born in a different country, she knows from experience what families are looking for when travelling with their little ones or teenagers. And as an Expat in the Philippines and then in Italy, she wrote and edited two guides to living well as a French expatriate in Manilla and Milan.
Multilingual Guide
Because communicating with others is so important to her, she became fluent in English and Italian but also took lessons in Spanish, German, Japanese, and Tagalog.
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Since 2008, she has worked as an Expat Advisor in Paris and Instructor of French as a Foreign Language. She analyzes the linguistic and touristic needs of her clients and helps them achieve the life they want in Paris. For many of them, she has become the local friend that everyone dreams of having in an unknown city.
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Since 2014, she has been editor of En-francais.fr, a Facebook page with 24,000 followers from 50 different countries where she shares information about Paris, France and the French language.
travel concept
In 2015, she met with the owner of a 4-star Parisian Boutique hotel searching for a way to offer his guests a different experience of Paris. After carefully observing the desires of her international clients and her fellow French travelers, she launched her own travel concept.

… Paris a dream was born paris a dream
gastronomy parisGASTRONOMY
Isa’s own passion for cooking has led her to try to the best culinary courses that Paris has to offer. She devours culinary magazines, loves feasting on bistrot cuisine, and from time to time enjoys a grand meal at Paris’s best palaces of haute cuisine ! She loves the idea of traveling the world by cooking up its various cuisines in her own kitchen.

wine tasting parisWINE TASTING
Isa studied œnologie for five years and values the difference such courses can make in one’s enjoyment of wine. As Salvador Dali said, «The wine connaiseur no longer merely drinks wine, but can taste all its secrets.»

culture parisCULTURE
Isa has acted for the past 11 years in community theater !And Cinema is a family matter.

Her favorite dessert?
Chocolate cake.

Her favorite wine?
Muscato from Alsace or a Burgundy red.
Her favorite movies ?
, by Jean-Luc Godard starring Jean Seberg and Jean-Paul Belmondo, and An American in Paris, by Vincente Minelli with Gene Kelly.

paris a dream testimonials Testimonials

Shelly (Michigan - USA)

I felt I could ask Isa questions about life in France and she also helped with any specific need that would come up.

Deacon (California - USA)

Anyone who is able to book Isa should consider themselves very lucky.

Nicola (UK)

Isa is passionate about people, places, culture and customs and maintains professionalism in all areas from appearance to organizational skills.

Peggy (Texas - USA)

Isa has been instrumental in the success of our French stay!

Cheryl (Indiana - USA)

Isa truly understands the unique challenges and needs.

Emily (UK)

I couldn’t recommendIsa more highly.


About Christy

Christy fell in love with Paris as an ex-patriate living down the street from the Luxembourg Gardens. During those three and a half years, she became une vraie Parisienne, along with her three daughters, aged 4, 8, and 14. They fully immersed themselves in Paris life and explored every nook and cranny of the city, as well as much of Europe. Christy and her girls returned to the U.S. two years ago, where she works as a freelance writer, language translator, and U.S. representative for Paris a Dream. She lives in Orlando, Florida, but dreams of Paris daily.

Her favorite French dish?
Magret de Canard, cooked rosé.

Her favorite wine?
Her favorite Parisian place off the beaten track ?
The Arènes de Lutèce.